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Guest Review by Bek: No Exceptions Clothing

Published August 9, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

I’ve got a wee treat for you all tonight.  A few weeks ago the lovely folks at No Exceptions Clothing sent me a gorgeous coat to review, and despite my choosing a size above what I normally take (so that I could wear layers underneath), it was sadly too small for me.  I wanted to still review it, but couldn’t get photos of myself in it to go with the review, so when I was talking to the lovely Bek on Twitter and we established that it would likely fit her, I sent it off to her on the condition that she would write me a review on it to publish here.

So, without further ado, here is the lovely Bek:

And here is her review:

My mundane week turned exciting when Kath of Fat Heffalump sent me a jacket from No Exceptions Clothing to review for her blog.

I’m new to the world of fatshion blogs and I’ve never done a clothing review before, but I was keen to give it a try after feeling inspired from reading all of your blogs.
I will start with the negatives, then move on to the positives.

The sizing of the jacket is quite inaccurate. I generally wear a size 24 on the bottom, and would have a ordered a size larger so I could wear the jacket over bulky clothes. This jacket is a size 28, and only just buttons up. It fits snugly over my hips, and is a little roomy on the top (though that is a common clothes problem for me). The arms are a little too long.
The soft material of the jacket picks up fluff and lint very easily.

I love the style of the jacket, the lacing and ruffles on the back are a big win for me. It gives the classic cut something extra. I also like the little detailing of the metal cuffs on the sleeves.
I like the single row of buttons, and the way the jacket follows the shape of my curves. The length is great, and the little poufy shoulder detail is cute.

All up, I love this jacket and can see it becoming a staple in my wardrobe. The light material and lining will be perfect for slipping over the top of outfits in warm weather when there is a cool breeze, or slipping over a dress to wear out at night. My advice is to size way up when ordering.

What I’m wearing:

Top: Best and Less
Skirt: Thrifted (Millers)
Tights: We Love Colours (violet)
Shoes: Big W
Hairband: The Olive Tree Markets
Necklace: The Olive Tree Markets

So thank you Bek (check out Bek’s awesome op/thrift shopping blog here) for your awesome review, and thank you to No Exceptions Clothing for sending this coat!

Product Review – No Exceptions

Published March 10, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

I am a really lucky blogger.  Every now and again I am lucky enough to get clothes sent to me to review.  Just a few weeks ago, I was invited to review a garment from No Exceptions Clothing, an Australian based online plus-size clothing retailer.  I chose this belted ruffle dress/petticoat combo because I’d secretly been eyeing it off for some time but had been to scared to order it because I couldn’t bear the disappointment if the dress wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Here, have a look at the pic from the website:

When it arrived from No Exceptions a bit over a week ago, and I unpacked it from the parcel, I did a little happy dance because to start with, the fabric is a really lovely quality.  It’s actually a Spandex blend but is very crisp and a great saturated black colour.  Secondly, it’s really well made.  The buttons are sewn on properly, the hems and seams are all strong and even.  The smocking around the ruffle collar is fast and even.  The whole garment is really good quality, as is the petticoat that comes with it.

So I ended up ordering the size 28, because I figured with the belting it was better to go up a size and be sure.  I got it home, tried it on and it looked AMAZING on me.  It is exceptionally generously cut, and the belt is beautifully long (I had a good 35cm of “tail” on the belt and was on about the third or fourth belt hole in – almost unheard of for belts on my death fatty body) and I reckon it would easily go to a size 32AUS or more at the size 28AUS, but with the belt, it just cinched in the waist and looked like it was made for me.  I will be ordering a size 26 from No Exceptions in future I think, but in this dress, it’s one that can go up or down quite a bit with sizing, because of that belt and the generous cut.

The petticoat with it is a Size 24-28, and I think it’s pretty true to size.  It fits me pretty right and I’m usually a 24/26 on the bottom half of my body.  It’s delightfully foofy and you can smooth it down for a low profile, or foof it up to make your dress sit out further.

It took me almost a week before I could wear the outfit though, because we had STINKING hot weather last week, and wearing lots of black on days like that is just begging for me to pass out in the street.  But I was able to wear it this past Monday, as it was much cooler.

So you want to see photos of me in it?  Okey dokey, here we go…

No Exceptions Dress1

Now I have to apologise, because for some reason my camera just behaved like a jerk that day.  It wasn’t until I downloaded the photos that I saw just how little light it picked up.  But at least you can get an idea of the neckline and the general shape on a super fatty body.

Cute right?  I actually didn’t wear the petticoat because I was going to work, and the petticoat was a little over-the-top even for me for a work day.  However, if I was going out at night, I’d wear the petticoat underneath for sure.  In fact if I was going to go out after work this would be a great dress, because I could just take the petticoat in and pop it on at knock off, add some big dangly earrings and a fresh coat of lipstick… voila!

For work I just wore black tights, my leopard print shoes and a pair of cute black and silver bow earrings.

I wore this dress all day at work, and it was so comfortable, cool and crisp, and I got LOTS of compliments for it.

The only thing I could say is that the petticoat doesn’t actually extend below the hem of the skirt (like in the photograph from the website) unless I wear it down around my thighs, but I don’t really want it to show anyway, I just want it to foof out the skirt.

So all in all I’m really happy with this dress/petticoat combo from No Exceptions Clothing.  And you know what the best thing is?  It’s marked down to $59 at the moment.  GO GET IT!!

I actually am so impressed I have ordered this skirt from them for just $25!! (should arrive in the next day or so):

And you know you’re seeing this red high waisted skirt with suspenders everywhere lately?

They have it in both black and red for $34!  I’ve seen it in a few places overseas but the postage just kills being able to get it from them, so here’s a local supplier Aussies!  Click on the pictures to go through to the No Exceptions page for each garment.

Anyway there are some really cute garments over there and some great prices, and they cover ALL plus sizes, even the we super fatties.  They also have lots of swimsuits at really good prices at the moment.  Check ’em out, and Aussies – please support local businesses!

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