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Oh Let’s Just Have a Chat

Published August 17, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

Today is a public holiday in Brisbane (Royal Exhibition, or Ekka holiday).  I had all these grand plans to write all day, but it’s kind of overcast and cool, and I just don’t feel like it.

Besides, sometimes we all just get a bit fatigued with talking about the tough stuff.

So instead I’ll share some photos with you.

Take a look at what I’ve made in my Thermomix lately:

Mushroom Risotto

Cheesy Buckwheat Bread

Pineapple Sorbet

These are just a few of the delicious things I’ve whipped up in it.  I’m having a great time experimenting and re-discovering flavours and textures that I had long forgotten.

My friend Kylie (aka Toots) found me these AWESOME leopard print Chucks in the UK.  I love them to bits, but they don’t quite make up for how much I am missing Toots while she is off travelling.

Look at the little MiniMe shoe!

I tried to dye my hair pillar box red last weekend.  I’m not having much success with Manic Panic dyes, even though I buy the amplified range that are supposed to be bolder colours and longer lasting.  I bleached out what was there (a kind of grey-purple) and discovered this rather awesome minty colour under the bleach:

Minty Mop

Sadly it didn’t last, and went to a weird kind of muddy colour overnight.  So I used Manic Panic Amplified in Pillar Box Red, and got this:

Not really "pillar box" red is it?

It faded REALLY quickly.  By yesterday (Tuesday) it was bright orange.  Three days.

My friend Nadia and I and another friend of hers went and saw Dylan Moran live and had dinner at the Bamboo Basket at South Bank (their soup dumplings are so delicious I could cry!)

Soup Dumplings and Cleavage


Oh, and Nadia took an OOTD picture for me.

Dress and white denim jacket – Autograph Fashion
Tights – We Love Colors
Shoes – Big W
Earrings – Diva
Swallow Brooch – Thousand Island Dressing

Oh and of course, the big news for me lately is that I have had more work done on my left upper-arm tattoo!  We’ve added some more Rubens Cantuni pieces to my fat lady tattoo.  Look:

A little smudgy, a little bloody, a little swollen... but on it's way!

I’ve still got at least two more sessions on this one, and then we start on the one on the inside of the arm.  My artist is the incredible Victoria R. Lundberg at Wild at Heart Tattoo.

So, what’s news with all of you lately?  Done any yummy cooking?  Scored any bargains?  Been to any live gigs?  Any new ink?  What’s happening in your lives?

Stuff Buzzing Around My Brain

Published December 16, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

I have got SO much burbling around in my head at the moment that I want to write about.  Some stuff I’m really passionate about that I want to devote proper some time to write about, like a post on food demonising and policing.  Other things I’m not sure I have the spoons to take up just now, such as rape apologism.  Plus a couple of subjects that I’m still processing before I put my words down anywhere, like weight loss evangelism and smugness.

And I will.  I’m recovering from a major work project that came to a head this week (we opened a beautiful, beautiful new library, I might blog about that too) and am really looking forward to a long weekend where I can spend some time writing.

But tonight, I might just share some thoughts.  Some little tidbits tumbling around my mind.

  • My Grandma really is awesome.  I was listening to the Two Whole Cakes fatcast this afternoon and Marianne and Lesley were talking about how there is often a generational gap when it comes to body issues and Marianne mentioned that she could never convince her Grandmother of the value of Fat Acceptance.  Made me realise just how rare my Grandma is for her generation.  I have broached a lot of FA topics with her, and she has always surprised me by totally getting it.  I’m so lucky that she supports me in this stuff.
  • Mean girls often don’t grow out of their bullshit.  They just go on to be mean women.  They’re happy to bully and be cruel rather than have an intelligent argument.  There is no point in engaging with them, it gives them more attention than they deserve.
  • Having cute, fashionable clothing as a fat woman is really powerful.
  • Being under stress is no excuse to behave like an arsehole.  Getting cranky or snippy under pressure is one thing, but just being an arsehole and expecting people to wear it because you’re stressed is a shitty thing to do.
  • I don’t “aim” for any level of person in relationships, either romantic or platonic.  Either people are lovely and I like them, or I’m not interested.  If I’m inviting them into my life, it’s because I feel they are special.  Not because there is any other agenda for inviting them into my life.
  • Life is too short to live without cheese.
  • Some people really can’t cope with the word “fat”.  They flinch like you’ve flicked water in their face.  The problem is theirs, not yours.
  • A cold Christmas is infinitely more pleasant than a hot one.
  • That taxi driver you were just rude to?  They just might be more educated than you are.
  • Someone can be BOTH a free speech revolutionary AND a rapist.  The two don’t necessarily cancel each other out.
  • Every accusation of rape should be properly investigated.
  • No matter how well immersed I get in Fat Acceptance and positive body image, I still have to fight every day with disordered thinking about food, exercise and my body.  But the difference is now I have the tools to win that fight.

So… those are the things that are on my mind at the moment.

What about you?  What’s on your mind at the moment?  Open thread in the comments below!

Checking In

Published August 13, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Hi all,

Just a bit of housekeeping today, I have some posts coming up but life has been so busy, they’re waiting for me to get time to actually prep them up for you all!

A few little notes.

  • Please let’s not use the term “real women” in this space.  It’s a stupid term really, we’re all real, regardless of our body shape or size.
  • I have finally found what the problem was with my Facebook page, and by clicking the link over there on the right, you should be able to see it.  Come on over and “friend” me, I post heaps of links to interesting stuff there.
  • And for those of you who tweet, you can find me on @fatheffalump
  • If you are a woman with PCOS, please feel free to check out CystersUnited

So, let’s just have an informal chat hey?  What’s interesting to you in the world of body image, fat acceptance and self esteem at the moment.  Hit up the comments and we’ll just have a bit of a natter.