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A Few of My Favourite Things

Published November 22, 2009 by Fat Heffalump

Over on Fat Positive Feminism, Ali has done a fabulous post on a few of her favourite fat positive things.  I liked the idea so much, I thought I might do it myself.

So here are some fat positive things that I class as my favourites.

Queen Latifah


The name Queen really fits this lady.  She’s so regal, so elegant, yet so real and down to earth.  Not only can she sing, act, dance, carry comedy and looks fantastic in anything, she’s also an awesome role model for young women.

Leonard Nimoy’s Full Body Project

Fat women as they are, natural, beautiful and with dignity.  And yes, the photographs are taken by Leonard “Mr Spock” Nimoy!

Big Girl, You are Beautiful by Mika

This isn’t the correct version of the music video, but the correct version can’t be embedded.  But you get the idea.  A positive portrayal of fat women!

We Love Colors

An online shop that REALLY does cater to the plus sized market.  Their tights are well made, fit well and go to a very large size.  And the colours… oh the colours!

The Corrinna Chapman books by Kerry Greenwood


Corinna Chapman is a fat woman.  She’s also sexy, successful, loved by friends and her gorgeous, gorgeous boyfriend, funny, smart, talented and kind.  The first book, Earthly Delights opened up a whole new world of fiction for me, fiction where fat women aren’t the lazy, loser friends of the heroines.

The Fat Nutritionist

This lady is AWESOME.  Not only is she a fabulous fat activist, but she’s also changing attitudes within her profession on nutrition and diet, as well as exercise.  Plus she’s a very lovely person too.

Beth Ditto


I am a latecomer to the love of La Ditto.  At first I didn’t really dig her, I just thought she was someone that fatties glommed onto simply because she was “not thin”.  But then I saw this interview with her, and my opinion of her radically changed.  I’ve since got into her music with The Gossip, and I get her so much more.  Cool lady.

Elizabeth Patch’s More to Love

Pretty, feminine art depicting beautiful women with full, fat bodies, living their lives with positivity.

Evans Clothing

Not only do they cater to the plus sized market at a reasonable price, AND ship internationally, but they get some very cool ladies on board to promote, design and model their clothing.  Beth Ditto has a range.  Crystal Renn is a regular model.  Chaka Khan is the face (and bodacious bod) of their latest line.  These are clothes I like to see and want to wear.

So, now I throw it over to you.  What are some of your favourite things that are fat positive?  Clothes, celebrities, art, literature, music, you name it – share it in the comments.

Dahling! You Look Fabulous!

Published July 29, 2009 by Fat Heffalump

Phew! Let’s start with a little housekeeping before I get my teeth into this blog. I have had some trouble with the comment function on here, but thanks to some folks who helped me test some tweaks I have made, it looks like I’ve ironed the bugs out. Please let me know if you have any further problems.

Now, back to the subject at hand hmmm?
Tonight I think I’ll talk about clothing and fashion for the fatty about town.
Now we all know how hard it is to find clothes for the plus sized figure. Either they’re frumpy and matronly, they don’t go to a big enough size, they’re huge tent-like sacks, they have ludicrous clown print fabric, or if they’re any good, they’re so expensive that you’d have to sell a kidney to be able to afford them.
But somehow, we find clothes that we like and we wear ’em, cos that’s what you do with clothes. This is where we fatties find a whole new bunch of complications. It’s the CLOTHING/FASHION POLICE! Yes, those fabulous people who LOVE to cast their judgement over what you are wearing, and make comments either to you, or behind your back, or worse, in a room full of people that causes you vast embarrassment.
You know the ones. They tug on your clothing as if to cover your “unsightly bits” without being asked to. They say in a concerned tone “Oh you know if that skirt was just a little bit longer, it would be perfect on you.” Or “You’re so brave wearing so much colour, I find black very slimming.” “You really like that top, don’t you?” I could go on, but you’re probably all used to it. All those passive-aggressive ways of passing judgement.
To start with, the world thinks it owns women’s bodies and the right to judge them and comment on them. But make those bodies FAT bodies, and it’s really open season. These are the people who love to tell us what is “flattering”. Which usually translates to what hides your body from their view, because they find it offensive.
Here’s a tip to all those people who like to make negative or judgemental comments about the clothing fat people wear:
Mind your own business. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. If you genuinely want to compliment something, feel free, that’s lovely and respectful, and it’s likely to get the person wearing that outfit again. But if you want to criticise and cast judgement, keep it to yourself. Think about how you feel when someone does that to you. Does it make you feel good? Does it achieve anything positive? I don’t think so.
For the fatties out there, there are some simple ways to disarm the clothing/fashion police, without stooping to their level. Here are some that I have learnt to use:
  • Thank you but I have/am my own stylist.
  • Does my wearing clothes that show the shape of my body bother you?
  • My muu-muu is in the wash, sorry.
  • Why should I wear black? Did someone die? (this one is best said in slightly hushed, worried tones)
  • Nanna doesn’t like it when I wear her clothes.
Here’s the thing. Criticism rarely works when it comes to style. It either inspires shame, or if you’re like me, I get stubborn and wear it twice as much. But when someone compliments you and says “You look nice today.” or “Oh wow, I love those shoes!” the truth is, you’re much more likely to wear whatever is being complimented again, because you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. It shines through you. Yes, even we fatties look great when we feel great.
Looking great doesn’t necessarily mean looking thin either. Look at Queen Latifah.
She’s a big girl, but she always looks AMAZING. She shows off those curves and those thighs and that butt. She doesn’t hide her arms because they’re not all toned like Madonna (who takes it a bit far probably!)
She glows with confidence and glamour, because it’s very clear she feels good about herself.
It’s not about how thin she looks, it’s about how she carries herself and feels.
In the not too distant future I’ll share some shopping options for we fatties (in the mean time, if you know any please leave info in the comments) but before we even get to shopping, we need to remember that our bodies are not hideous and ugly, they are not something to be ashamed of. And that when we’re confident and value ourselves, we look great as well as feel great.