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Is Glee Intending to Demonise Fat Kids?

Published October 15, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Thanks to my lovely friend Angela over at Snarkerati, a blog about TV news, I heard of an alleged casting call from the makers of Glee, looking for some obese kids, with particular focus on finding an obese girl to play the “biggest, most intimidating girl ever”.

This breaks my heart.  If it’s true, I’m really disappointed in the makers of Glee.  This is a show that preaches tolerance and acceptance, with very pointed plot lines about body diversity and body image.  One of my favourite moments was Amber Riley as Mercedes singing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” after trying to diet her way to fit in to the Cheerios cheer squad.

As the behind the scenes interviews show above, it’s a message that the cast and crew consider important.

I mean the show is entirely about a group of misfit kids who are crapped on by the popular kids, and their teacher who through the medium of music, teaches them self acceptance and self esteem.

So what’s with the call for a fat girl to be the “biggest, most intimidating girl ever”?  Couldn’t they use a TALL girl for that?  Or is there a point to demonising fat kids?

Angela has posted on the topic herself at Snarkerati, you will find the post here.