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Still Here, Still Fat, Still Awesome

Published January 22, 2017 by Fat Heffalump

Hey y’all!

I’ve got a few lovely messages this week from people asking me if I’m OK, as I haven’t blogged in a while.  So first up, yeah I’m good, thank you to all who asked.  Nothing hugely dramatic from preventing me from blogging, just a bunch of little things that add up, you know?  I’m never very creative in the hot months, as hot weather just saps any creativity out of my brain.

Add to that a shoulder injury that I incurred back when I was in New Zealand in June/July – I took a spectacular stack on some mossy concrete and sprained my right ankle in a magnificent fashion (pics below) and made my whole body hurt.  Once the ankle healed (remarkably quickly, thanks to the hot thermal pools in Rotorua I believe!) and the residual soreness of the rest of my body eased, my shoulder has continued to be a problem.  Got it checked, ran it through some time to heal, no joy, so back to the doc I went this week.  I’m waiting for the results of my X-rays and ultrasounds to see if I’ve buggered the rotator cuff, or whether it’s just bursitis.  As unpleasant as bursitis sounds, it’s the lesser of the two evils, because a buggered rotator cuff may mean surgery.  GAH!


And generally I’ve just been really busy!  The Christmas/New Year season, work stuff, friends, life in general.

But I am still around and still fat (yes loser troll, I am still fat, and still more awesome than you!) and still pissed at the way fat people, particularly fat women, are treated like we are sub-human.  I still have a lot to write about, just not a lot of time to do that writing.

I’m really glad people care and check in with me, it’s lovely!

A Little More Housekeeping

Published February 28, 2015 by Fat Heffalump

Morning all!  I’m a little thrilled to say that another of my posts, The Educated Eater, is due to go up on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed page this week some time.  I am so chuffed that the Freshly Pressed team look outside the box for posts to share in that feature, I get so much good reading from it and I can highly recommend their Twitter account if you’re looking to find new and interesting blogs to read.

Of course, with any new promotion of this blog, it brings out the jerks as well as the lovely new people.  Already I’m getting a smattering of people DEMANDING to know why they can’t comment on my posts, as if I’m their fucking public property.  Wrong!  For those of you who are genuinely curious, I wrote about it here.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to close every loop on this blog, and there’s always someone commenting on those places.  Sometimes it’s nice people.  Most of the time it’s douchebags.  Quite often very transparent douchebags pretending to be feminists or something else they’re not, as if I’m so stupid that I would fall for their fake outs.  It takes me 5 minutes to track these people back to other posts where I can see exactly who they are.

I am no longer letting ANY comments through anywhere on this blog, unless I open up a specific post for sharing of resources etc.  Any comments left anywhere else will be deleted.  For those of you leaving nice comments, please understand it’s nothing personal, I just don’t have the spoons to let people through into my little corner of the internet.

Links for the rules and about me are at the top of the page.